Food Swaps

Would you like to do a Food Swap Project of your own? I offer personalized “swap” services, in person or via email and phone.

One item or recipe at a time, I will show you how to make the healthiest allergen free food choices, to meet your specific wants and needs.  If you’re tired of trying to figure it all out on your own, then I’d be happy to do the work for you, or along with you and your entire family! Whether you simply want to make cleaner choices, or you’re a food sensitive eater, or you’re a grain and sugar free, more Paleo-like eater, I’ve got you covered.

Here’s what one participant had to say about my program:

“I am more than pleased with the wealth of information Dawn provided in her “Food Swap” program. The world of healthy eating can be completely intimidating, but Dawn has been able to help me navigate the available choices. She recommended specific products, how/where to attain them, and recipes utilizing the new ingredients. I also really appreciated the reasoning behind the “swapped” products – why certain ingredients are actually nutritious or not. Eating right and using clean products (deodorant, lotions, dental care) is something we all need to be more attuned to doing. Thank goodness Dawn has had years of research and trial and error in order to impart what she has learned – and lived! Thanks Dawn for being an invaluable resource to better health!” ~Lisa I., New York

And another client, who chose to focus on swapping recipes:

“This swap project is an awesome opportunity to get a new start in cooking Gluten-Free or Paleo. I have a basic grip on how to prepare main dishes Gluten-Free and Paleo, but I couldn’t ever get my baking to turn out right. This program has made me eager to keep baking and never give up on anything because better days are always just ahead!

As a result of our work together I can now make gluten-free cookies that my Dad likes!! That’s a huge improvement. Once he finds out something is Gluten-Free, he will not like it. He tried my chocolate chip cookies that Dawn had given me the recipe for and fell head over heels in love!!!

I love Dawn’s upbeat cheerfulness and her willingness to always do her best for me. Even when I forget something that’s important. She just adjusted her thinking a bit and kept going. That was really awesome. I especially loved how she sent me so many options to every recipe. For example, I gave her a chocolate chip cookie recipe to swap and she gave me six cookie recipes, swapped out the ingredients in the one I gave her, plus gave me several other cookie recipes!!

 I really haven’t had time to try all the recipes out yet, but the ones that I have tried have been awesome tasting and were easy to do. I now have courage to face the future of Gluten-Free baking. I have something to go back to if I ever can’t figure it out, and I don’t feel so completely down about ever trying again because of past failure.

I would recommend Dawn to anyone.” –Jolene H., Kansas

Are you ready to not only transform your kitchen cabinet, but the health of your Self, your family, and our planet too? I’d love to help you create your very own Swap Team! Whether it’s just you and me, or your whole family gets involved, I’m excited to work with you.

Here’s how:

Option 1: In Person, VIP Food Swap Day (available in NYC and on Long Island, NY)

We’ll kick off your special Swap Day with a 45 minute Pre-VIP Day Call, to go over your specific needs and create a plan. You’ll tell me what’s on your mind, what health and/or food struggles you are trying to overcome, and which foods you just can’t seem to live without.

Then I’ll meet you in your kitchen or favorite supermarket, with a Swap List in hand and in 2 hours, I’ll show you how to swap out those troublesome items for healthier choices – fast!  You’ll be able to feel so much better knowing those favorite foods aren’t full of chemicals, preservatives, common allergens, toxins and other things that trick your body into wanting more and more. And if time allows, I’ll even show you some cooking tips and tricks for making healthy choices a no-brainer.

Then to be sure everything I recommend really works for you, we’ll wrap up with a 45 minute Post-VIP Day Q & A call, to make any adjustments. Please note that this follow-up session needs to take place within 30 days of your VIP Swap Day.

Option 2: Swap 10 Program, via Phone and Email

For those who prefer a more virtual approach, I can do most of the work behind the scenes. We’ll start off with a 30 minute pre-Swap call, to go over your specific needs. Let’s figure out how we can put an end to your food frustration! I will answer any questions you have, right then and there, so you will easily be able to put together a list of 10 of your favorite, not-so-healthy foods that you just can’t live without.

Then, I go to work for you! For each item, I will offer you 2 or 3 alternatives, including where to find them, and my reasons for choosing them. That’s 20 to 30 healthy choices, delivered straight to your inbox, for you to review, any time you want! How simple is that?

Once you’ve reviewed your Swap 10 report, we’ll have a 30 minute post-Swap, Q & A call. I will answer any questions you may have, and you can confidently proceed to swap them out, one item or recipe at a time.

Option 3: Swap 10 Program, via Email

If you already know exactly what items or recipes you’d like to swap, you can send me your list, along with any special requirements you have. I will send back a complete Swap 10 report, including at least 3 alternatives per item, where to find them, and my reasons for choosing them.

You’ve already identified your food problem areas. I can solve them, with minimal time and effort on your part. How does that sound?

Are you ready to turn your food frustration into food salvation?

Click here to schedule a complimentary 30 minute Discovery session, to see which program is right for you, and to get your Food Swap Project started!

Have a happy, healthy day.

Peace, joy, and sunshine,