Crunchy Potato Chip Swap!


I remember craving potato chips when I was pregnant with my first child. Not sure if it was the salt or the crunch that made me feel good.

That was years ago now, and I had given up on eating chips completely, up until a few months ago, when I found a brand I fell in love with.

Somehow, it feels good to be “bad” once in a while, doesn’t it? Unless you are on a restricted diet to heal from something, it’s nice to be able to cave in to temptation occasionally. So, I do, but only if I can avoid at least 2 of the 3 main problems with conventional potato chips:

  • Villianous Vegetable Oils – not only do they have too many Omega 6 fats, and most likely GMOs, but bad things happen when you heat them! (source 1)  (source 2)
  • High Glycemic Carbs – we all know these are bad for us, as they increase blood sugar and insulin.

If we choose white potato chips, there’s nothing we can do about problem number 3, but there IS something we can do about problems 1 and 2! We can choose USDA organic chips, and ones that do not contain vegetable oils, such as canola, soybean, corn, or sunflower.

Have you checked your chips for any of those oils? Can you believe that such oils are being promoted as being healthful, when they are not? I can’t believe I was cooking with canola oil for years, never suspecting it was not suitable of heating, or that it contained GMOs! That was a hard pill to swallow.

Anyway, for Anything Goes and/or Food Sensitive Eaters, the following choices contain no harmful vegetable oils or GMOs, and no traces of allergens are disclosed (not certified as such, though):


Good Health Kettle Chips, with avocado oil, which contains monounsaturated fat and has a higher smoke point than olive oil and polyunsaturated fat heavy vegetable oils.

These are GMO and gluten free, and much lower in sodium than most other potato chips (45 mg per ounce)! They have the Non GMO Project verified seal, but are not organic. They only have 3 ingredients!

Avocado oil is great to have on hand for salads and such, as as whole, ripe avocados.potchips

An even BETTER, ORGANIC choice, also with only 3 ingredients is my personal favorite, Jackson’s Honest Potato Chips. They contain coconut oil instead of avocado oil, which is a higher heat stable oil since it is a healthy form of saturated fat. (source)

Jackson’s chips have 150 mg of sodium per 1 ounce serving, which is 100g higher than the ones above, but still lower than most. If you pour a small amount into a bowl, rather than eating the whole bag, you’re pretty good with that!

spchipsAnd for the more Paleo-Like, Grain Free Eater,  Jackson’s Sweet Potato Chips are a delicious option. I am tickled that my teenage son prefers these to the white potato chips, as they contain more fiber and vitamin A, and have a lower glycemic load.

Of course, making your own chips or roasted sweet potatoes is a healthier option, as anything you make yourself alway is.


broc3For those who are avoiding starchy carbs, I find Trader Joe’s Crispy, Crunchy Broccoli Florets to be a nice alternative. Of course, kale chips are all the rage these days as well. I have not bought any yet, as I sometimes make them myself, using beef tallow (animal fat is most heat stable) and Celtic Sea Salt.

If you have a favorite alternative that you’d like to share, please do! And if you have an item you’d like to have me swap out, share that, too!

Would you like to do a Food Swap Project of your own? For more personalized services, and kitchen cabinet makeovers designed to meet your specific needs, find out how to work with Dawn here.

Enjoy your weekend!

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