Where Will Your Staircase Lead?

Staircase to Nowhere, Montauk, NY © 2013 Transformed By Food

Staircase to Somewhere, Montauk, NY
© 2013 Transformed By Food

No matter how hard you try, do you feel like something keeps getting in the way of you achieving your health goals?

You gather the building blocks, start putting them together, but suddenly, something stops you in your tracks.

That’s when you have two choices:

  • Turn back the other way, as the obstacle is obviously too difficult to overcome.
  • Take it as a challenge, and put your energy into finding a way around it.

We’ve all been in such a situation at some point in our lives. And let’s face it:  sometimes turning away from something is the better option. The problem is, if we make that choice without first examining the situation from different angles, we may lose sight of the entire picture.

Sometimes, we’re so focused on the one piece of the puzzle we’re missing, that we fail to notice how all of the other ones are coming together so beautifully. If we keep hammering away a little longer, our staircase might just lead us to all new heights.

That’s when it’s important to remind ourselves to take it one step at a time.  Little changes can lead to big results, if we only give them a chance to work their magic.

And so, I leave you with the words of Martin Luther King, Jr:

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”

After all, you never know where yours might lead.









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