The girl in the powder puff chair.

“What the world needs now, is love, sweet love.” -Hal David

It needs a lot more love, doesn’t it? We all know that, but how we each choose to spread the love is different, isn’t it?

When I was a child, I used to do so by sitting back and observing. I was the baby of the family, and at large family gatherings, my grandmother made me sit in a special powder puff chair that she brought down from her make-up table. It left as much of an impression on me as the heated discussions that my father and grandfather used to have across the table.

I just sat there, listening. Playing the part of the “good girl.” For years, I was pretty quiet, because some family members intimidated me because they seemed to be so judgmental. Before and after dinner, I would always be helping my grandmother set and clear the table to avoid feeling like a bug under a microscope.

“Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know.”

-excerpt of song, “Let It Go,” as sung by Idina Menzel in the movie, Frozen

It was only recently, when there was a family crisis and I stood up for my mother and came under attack, that her sister finally realized that I was not the little girl in the powder puff chair anymore. Frankly, I never was. It was a role I filled because it seemed like it was expected of me.

I wonder how many girls – and women – fall into the same trap?

Flash forward a few decades, and I still feel like everyone around me expects me to be that good girl. A lot has changed, though.

The natural world that was my playground as a child is now polluted with chemicals. We eat, breathe, apply, and touch chemicals every moment of every single day. And as someone who developed a deep respect for nature from a very young age, that really angers me. So does the fact that I can’t help but see a correlation between high levels of toxins and even increasing rates of obesity, food allergies, and many chronic illnesses.

A few years ago, this anger consumed me, and I felt like there was nothing I could do to release it. But then, after much internal resistance, I decided to unleash it, in small tidbits, for the benefit of others.

UnknownI’m not the girl sitting in the powder puff chair anymore. I can’t just sit back and not say anything. No matter how often people try to push me back into that seat, I can’t let them. I owe it to myself – and the world – to stand up. Nothing will ever change if we all sit back and relax!

But it’s something I still struggle with every single day. Like many, I want to pretend the world is all okay, and that everything is sunshine and roses all the time. Spread good cheer, kind words, book recommendations and recipes. Those are all important things, and if that’s how you choose to spread the LOVE, then God bless you for brightening other people’s live so much. Like I said, we all need more love in our lives.

When we spread positive vibes, we make the world a happier, more pleasant place. But in some ways, we also sit in that powder puff chair when we do that. It’s great to be positive, but is it okay to sit back and ignore the negative? Is there really love in apathy?

Unless we flip a negative into a positive somehow, I think not. Sometimes, we can share the greatest love when we stand up and speak out against someone who’s doing wrong, or an organization that’s harming our planet and our people in order to make a profit. It’s a kind of tough love; being a much harder way of expressing it, and one that often makes you feel like you’re walking against the wind, instead of having it propel you forward.

The path of least resistance places one in a powder puff chair with a muted voice. While there’s much to be said for spreading sunshine, if you ignore the stormy days, are you really expressing the purest form of love?

Here’s to those of you who find a way to spread the sunshine AND the rain. When you stand up, speak out, and challenge the status quo, you make the world a much better place.

What the world needs now….is more girls using POWER, instead of powder. While the former comes from within, the latter comes from a drug store. Enough said?

And so, if I share some negative posts here or on social media, please know that I’m not trying to stress you out. It’s one more way I choose to spread the love, because we can all lead better lives when we make informed choices, and support the individuals and organizations that do not harm our people or our planet.

Your choice is your voice! If it’s just not your style speaking up and out, that’s okay. There’s another powerful thing you can do. First, like a child in the powder puff chair, you can listen closely and take it all in. Then, every time you make a purchase, use your consumer power to support the people and companies that you believe in.

If you can’t use your voice, use your wallet! Every dollar you spend, and every word of advocacy you speak, is a vote for a cleaner, greener planet, and a happier, healthier world.

Sit. Stand. Leap!

Listen. Spend. Speak!

How do you choose to spread the love?



About Dawn

As a Certified Health Coach, I provide motivated individuals with the resources, tools, support and encouragement they need to make the gradual changes in food and lifestyle that could completely transform their lives. Contact me.

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