Life, Love, and Leafy Greens…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWoo hoo! Our local, organic farm stand is up and running.  Other than growing your own, produce just doesn’t get better than this.

Just look how green this lettuce, Swiss chard, and spinach are. It’s just as colorful, if not more so, than the grass behind it.   To me, food doesn’t get much better than this!

Having volunteered at this particular farm, and knowing the farmer personally, I’ve witnessed the time, effort, and dedication that goes into producing everything he grows. I’ve seen with my own eyes that it’s done with a lot of love, and NO chemicals.

I feel so blessed to have access to such a beautiful place. When my daughter and I go there, we get really dirty, but we love it! There’s no fear of insects, because they have important jobs to do. The living, breathing organic soil is full of the “good” bacteria that we all could use a lot more of these days.  It’s in short supply on conventional farms and anywhere pesticides and chemicals are sprayed, but not here.

Every time we go to the farm, we take a little piece of it home with us, even if we don’t bring home any food.  By touching the dirt and plants, breathing the clean air, listening to the sounds of nature, feeling the gentle breeze, smelling the natural aromas that fill the air, seeing life grow before our very eyes, and finally, tasting really clean, pure food, we activate all 5 our our senses.

Nourish your Mind.  Feed your Soul. Trust your Gut. Move your Body. Love your Self.

The 5 core elements of what it means to be Transformed by Food.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Just think: with one activity, we nourish our physical, spiritual, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social selves!

Experiences like this are a missing link in many people’s lives these days.  They’re something that advanced technology cannot replicate.

Time spent in nature has a magic all its own, kind of like the colors that run through the veins of the Swiss Chard! It makes you feel alive.

We brought the happy feelings home, by making big bowls of salad. Here’s what one of them looked like:


I’m sorry it’s so dark. I’m not quite used to food photography yet, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

If you can’t tell, this is a seriously big bowl of salad! It’s loaded with all kinds of antioxidants and vitamins.  Most of us can enjoy raw veggies like this, but if you have certain digestive symptoms, then you will find that cooked veggies agree with you more, at least until you’re on the road to healing your gut.

I’m really enjoying red onions these days – raw and cooked. I am pleasantly surprised that Whole Foods has had local, organic ones available the past month or so.

Yes, I get excited over things like that. Call me a nerd. Call me a foodie. What I really am is one big bowl of salad, with many layers of onion and all the colors of the rainbow.

Imagine if you could design your life like you would a big bowl of salad. What would you put in it?


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