My Approach

Are you ready to create your personal recipe for better health and overall wellness, one ingredient at  time?

Here’s how:

Imagine that your health is like a large pot of simmering soup. First, you hand pick your most nourishing ingredients, whether they involve food, activities, or other lifestyle choices. Then, you chop. You pour. And you stir. Finally…you wait until all the flavors blend together and taste just right.

Step by step, bite by bite, you can replace old habits, with all new, life-changing ones.

To give you a general idea of the kind of ingredients that I will empower you to seek out and stir up during your journey, I’ve created a map for you. With it, I bring you…

The 5 Keys to Transforming your Health through Nourishment:

The 5 Keys to Transforming your Health through Nourishment

The 5 Keys to Unlocking your Personal Recipe for Health and Wellness

Key #1: Trust your Gut

Crowd out the foods that cause digestive upset, sensitivities, learning challenges and/or chronic diseases, by replacing them with cleaner and greener choices.

Listen to the subtle messages your body is sending you, so you can heal from a place deep inside of your Self.

Key #2:  Nourish your Mind

Make the informed food and lifestyle choices that will enable you and your family to grow, learn, and thrive.

Key #3: Feed your Soul

Eat and live more mindfully. Make time for the people, places, and unplugged activities you love most. Try new things. Get creative. Find ways to let your heart sing. Be grateful for everything you have. It’s more than you think!

Key #4: Move your Body

Take it one step at a time. Find a form of exercise that you most enjoy. If you do so out in nature somewhere, it’ll lift your spirits too!

Key #5: Love your Self

Embrace everything that makes you unique and special. Share the best version of yourself with the world. It’s only when you respect yourself and others that you can bring your heart, mind, and body back into balance.

Stirring It Up

How much time you spend on any of these core categories of ingredients is all up to you. In any session, we can devote some, none, or all of our time to any one of them.

That’s the beauty of using a highly personalized approach.  Our work together will be designed to meet your unique needs and situation.

Are you ready to make the gradual food and lifestyle changes that could completely transform your health? Your outlook? Your life?

If so, I invite you to schedule a Transformed by Food Discovery Session today.