Fresh Tomato Sauce. No Peeling Required! YUM. Part 1

tomato2I’m doing a happy dance today! After an extremely difficult 5 months, which led up to a devastating loss in my family last month, it took an amazing recipe to finally help me refocus and get back on track. Isn’t it fitting that food be what helps me put things into perspective?

Some people head to the mall when they are stressed. Not me! I go straight to my natural supermarket or local, organic farm. Really good food fills my heart in a way that no piece of jewelry or clothing ever will. Some would say that’s weird. I say it’s empowering.

Even still, I dread cooking sometimes, mainly because of the intense amount of cleanup that it generates. And some tasks are just too much of a pain for me to bother with. Like peeling tomatoes! I always thought I had to do so to make fresh tomato sauce.  Well, yesterday, I learned that there’s a loophole in the rule. You don’t have to peel the tomatoes! And you won’t notice the difference. At least, I didn’t.

It just goes to show that sometimes, we avoid doing things because there’s one thing about the project we really dislike, or don’t want to take time out for. To think that all this time I’ve avoided making fresh sauce just because I didn’t want to be bothered peeling the tomatoes (and it isn’t all that difficult, actually – just the thought of it irked me for some reason) makes me wonder what else has been holding me back from really enjoying life to the fullest.

“You’re looking for the obstacles rather than the magic.” -Richard Dreyfuss says this to the character played by Nia Vardalos in the movie, My Life in Ruins

I saw that movie years ago, and never forgot that quote. From time to time, I have to remind myself of it; and as silly as it seems to view tomato peeling as an obstacle, it DID prevent me from seeing the magic in preparing something wonderful.

So, tomatoes are now a symbol of a lesson that I will carry with me throughout my life:

There is a way around any and every obstacle that might get in your way. It’s only when you believe in the magic that’s waiting for you on the other side that you can overcome one.

Or, as Theodore Roosevelt once said, more clearly and concisely:

“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.”

Transformation rarely occurs without some kind of struggle. Living your healthiest, happiest life is not supposed to be easy. It takes work. It takes hope and endurance. It starts with the belief that you are in control of your destiny and your future, and there is no problem or health scare that you can’t find a way around. The only way out is through. Don’t try to skip the “through” part. You have to think and feel the pain in order to learn from the experience and move on.

“The best way out is always through.” -Robert Frost

That’s enough food for thought for today. The recipe will follow (update: here it is!).

Raw or cooked. In a salad, soup or sauce…

No matter how you slice ’em, there are so many ways you can enjoy them. If you have any favorite recipes, feel free to share!

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