Feel like you’re dodging potholes?


Here in New York, extreme temperature fluctuations and weather patterns have caused the highways to become flooded with potholes. There are so many that it’s not easy to avoid them! Hit too many and you’re sure to be left, stuck out in the cold, with a flat tire. Or, there might be some other kind of not-so-visible damage that may cause problems down the road.

As I was driving the other day, it occurred to me that walking down the supermarket aisle is like an exercise in dodging potholes! I suppose a better word would be pitfalls.

Pitfall is defined by dictionary.reference.com as:

“a lightly covered and unnoticeable pit prepared as a trap for people or animals.”

Keywords: unnoticeable, trap

Pitfalls are like concealed potholes, and sadly, those are what line our grocery store shelves! Who would think pushing a grocery cart would be anything like driving a car? But it certainly IS.

Do you grab the same snack foods all the time? While eating a certain kind of processed food one time probably won’t do your body much damage, eating it every day, or on any kind of regular basis, certainly causes wear and tear. Unless you are eating outside of those boxes, bags, and cans (dodging the potholes) most of the time, the path you’re following is leading you toward the doctor’s office.

You see, the more processed a food is, the fewer the nutrients, and the more cheap, synthetic additives, it contains. Plus, the farther it is from touching healthy soil, the less beneficial bacteria it contains.


While the outer aisles of the grocery store generally contain refrigerated, farm-to-table foods, the middle aisles contain products with nutrition and ingredient labels that are hard to decode. It seems the food industry is trying to confuse consumers on purpose, so they will not ask too many questions, or notice how many fake ingredients they’ve sneaked in over the years.

That’s why I created my free special report: Detox your Diet in 3 Simple Steps. It’s a primer for those who want to clean up their diets, one product swap at a time. It needs to be updated soon, though, so if you haven’t done so yet, you might want to grab it. I may expand upon it and charge for it, as it’s already jam packed with information.

I could give you many product examples here, but I will save that for another day. All I suggest for now is that if you haven’t read a food label in a while, pick up one of your favorite processed food items and read the label. See how many of the ingredients you recognize, and how many common food allergens it contains.

Many Americans believe that the government is protecting them from harmful foods, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. It is more important than ever to read the fine print before you buy a product, so you can make an informed choice. It’s time to demand better from the food industry, by using our consumer power to “vote” for the healthiest products!

I know, I know. You’re busy saving up for wealth, right? Well, being a CPA, I can tell you that the greatest wealth is health, and it’s important to save up for that too.


There’s a saying that “you can pay the farmer now or the doctor later.” While the bad news is that the food industry is not supporting our nation’s health, the good news is that there are farmers and manufacturers out there who go to great lengths to protect our people and our planet. They may not always be easy to find, but they are out there! Once you find them, there’s no going back.

When you realize that you can make delicious food with a few, simple, fresh ingredients, you realize that saving up for health is not as hard as you once thought it would be. You see past limitation, and move toward liberation.

Eating well is the greatest act of self respect for your body and our planet. Join me in choosing a path that is not lined with potholes! Sometimes, the longer, more scenic route leads you toward a more more enjoyable destination.


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