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25 Ways to Make it your Best Valentine’s Day Ever!

It may be cold and snowy where you live, but Valentine’s Day will warm things up next week! How will you heat things up for yourself and others, and spread the love? To me, the most meaningful gifts are the ones that someone has poured thought into, rather than just money. Valentine’s Day is about […]

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Steven Spielberg, Michelangelo, and YOU.

Michelangelo’s David © “All of us every single year, we’re a different person. I don’t think we’re the same person all our lives.”  -Steven Spielberg Imagine starting with a clean slate every year, and having multiple opportunities to share your best self with the world? You are the Michelangelo of your own life, slowly […]

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10 Ways to Love your Self Healthy and Happy

  This photo captures a moment which has become a guiding force in the creation of this web site. It was taken in Montauk, Long Island, during a weekend getaway with my husband. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by nature, and especially rocks.  Without them, this beach could have been just like […]

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When Nature and Movement Collide

The only way to reach the top of a mountain is to climb. That’s exactly what my family and I did, one step at a time.  It took us an hour and a half, and it wasn’t easy, but this was the view from the top! The journey was well worth it. I’ll share a […]

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Life, Love, and Leafy Greens…

Woo hoo! Our local, organic farm stand is up and running.  Other than growing your own, produce just doesn’t get better than this. Just look how green this lettuce, Swiss chard, and spinach are. It’s just as colorful, if not more so, than the grass behind it.   To me, food doesn’t get much better than […]

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Sun, Rain, and Parenting

Yesterday,  we had a sun shower. It’s not something you see every day, but this one was especially unusual. It wasn’t just drizzling. It was pouring. Really pouring. And the sun was shining. Really shining. It was like Mother Nature was feeling a little conflicted. The whole thing only lasted for a few minutes, but […]

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