Bad, Better, Best: How to Make Informed Choices for a Healthier Life and Planet

informedNow that spring is here, are you ready to upgrade your food choices, one item at a time? I’ll be heading into various supermarkets, and showing you how to trade up questionable food choices for better ones. It’s time to bring quality back into the food equation again, and choose the foods that will enable you to feel your best!

There’ll be alternatives for everyone – whether you are living with food restrictions or not. No matter where you might be along your food journey right now, from SAD to multiple allergen free, I’ve got you covered. We’ll break things down so it all doesn’t seem so complicated.

In case you’re not familiar with my story, here’s a very basic summary of how and why I got into food label reading, clean eating, and gluten/allergen free nutritional research:

Almost 20 years ago, I went from auditing balance sheets to scrutinizing food labels, when my daughter was diagnosed with a severe food allergy. Boy, have those detective skills come in handy over the years!

I watched, as the food industry quietly replaced real, tried-and-true ingredients with cheap, artificial food additives. Not having the internet yet back then, and not even knowing what a blog was, all I could do was make sure I was making informed choices not only to protect my daughter from consuming traces of an allergen, but my family from fake, highly processed ingredients that were of questionable safety.

Flash forward about 10 years, and I would figure out that even foods that most people consider to be real, can make one sick. Whole wheat flour and pasteurized dairy, which used to be staples in my kitchen, are no longer anywhere to be found. Sadly, the way these foods have been farmed and manufactured has changed them from foods that many can tolerate to ones that many people are sensitive or allergic to. So, I have to wonder, is it the actual food, or how it’s being produced, that’s the real problem? Does the fact that people are consuming so much wheat and dairy these days, sometimes every day, and even with every meal, have anything to do with it? No one can say for sure, but there are certainly a lot of theories.

I started this blog about 2 years ago in order to empower readers to make informed choices, and to share my knowledge and experience for the benefit of others. Having empowered my daughter to heal from a serious digestive illness, I’ve come to understand how crucial a healthy digestive system is to overall health and wellness, and that’s why eating cleanly is so important to me.

I have to admit that some think how I eat is too difficult and time consuming. The thing is, it’s taken me years to get to where I am now! It was a slow a steady transition. What used to seem complicated is now clear and simple, actually, but it wasn’t always that way! It really wasn’t that long ago that I was eating pizza and drinking diet soda on a regular basis. If I can change my eating habits, anyone can. You just have to make it a priority, and find a way to make it work for you.dobetterUntitled

So, I’ve decided that starting this spring, I am going to make that process a lot easier for you. I’m hitting the rewind button and going back to where I started, not physically, but mentally. One item at a time, I am going to show you how to swap out questionable processed foods for better ones. I will give at least 2 alternatives, a BETTER one, that’s still a processed food, but a much healthier choice. And a BEST alternative, which has only a handful of real ingredients of the highest quality. That could come in the form of a recipe, and I will make it as allergen-free as possible.

How does that sound? No matter where you are at with food right now, I will show you how to make healthier, more informed choices. And I will focus on quality, not just quantity.

Hey, we all have to start somewhere, but we don’t have to turn our kitchens upside down in order to do so, as I wrote about in my last post. No blame, no shame, as there is no such think as perfection when it comes to food choices!

Of course, I will be offering more personalized support. Because no two people eat exactly alike, I will be soon be offering kitchen makeover sessions, in person or via email/phone, and will let you know when that happens!  So, if you’d like to accelerate your real food & lifestyle detox process, or have special food restrictions that need personal attention, I’d be happy to offer it to you.

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to leave me a note below.

Enjoy the sunshine, everyone!


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