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Gluten Free & Dairy Free in Hawaii! Part 1: Honolulu

Dining out when you have food allergies or sensitivities is not easy. Traveling long distances – especially when you have a long flight and can’t bring much of your own food – makes it even harder. But I survived a 10+ hour flight and 12 days in Hawaii, eating gluten, dairy, and even egg free! […]

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I have a bit of explaining to do.

It’s good to be caught up and ready to get back to regular blog posts, after taking an extended summer break of over 4 months! Did you miss me, or did you forget about my blog altogether? Let me do a bit of explaining. Back in May, I was very excited to bring you my […]

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The “Cheesiest” Gluten Free, Dairy Free Meatloaf

Do you miss having regular, bread crumb based meatloaf? Or are you simply looking for a healthier alternative to the standard wheat & gluten based kind? As long as you don’t have a tree nut, or specifically, a cashew or almond sensitivity, then I’ve got options for you! I’ve already shared two meatloaf recipes, one […]

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Food Swap Friday: Will the Real Power Bar Stand Up?

There are two classes of products that drive me absolutely crazy, because they are marketed as healthy – and are often marketed to athletes – but most are clearly anything but. One is sports drinks, most of which are loaded with GMOs, sugar, artificial colorings, and food additives. The other is the subject of today’s […]

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Swap Out your Bug Spray!

With summer and mosquito/tick season being only a week away, I figured our swap today would be of bug sprays. I consider personal care products to be “food for your skin,” so that’s why I would consider this a food swap. Being that we all take in so many toxins from a variety of sources […]

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Crunchy Potato Chip Swap!

I remember craving potato chips when I was pregnant with my first child. Not sure if it was the salt or the crunch that made me feel good. That was years ago now, and I had given up on eating chips completely, up until a few months ago, when I found a brand I fell […]

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Swap Out your Sunscreen! “Food” Swap Project #4

Happy Friday! I hope you have an exciting – or relaxing – long weekend ahead. Ready to hit the beach? Do you have sunscreen handy? No one wants to leave the great day at the shore looking like a lobster! So, a little planning and preparation can go a long way. Being a melanoma survivor, […]

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Have your Pasta and Eat It, too! Food Swap Project #3

“Bubble, bubble, pasta pot, Boil me some pasta, nice and hot, I’m hungry and it’s time to sup, Boil enough pasta to fill me up.” -sang by Strega Nona, a fictional character, in Tomie DePaola’s picture book of the same name Do you remember that children’s book series? Strega Nona would sing to her pasta […]

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Pink your Drinks for Mother’s Day: Food Swap Project #2

We all know we need to eat all the colors of the rainbow, and yes, we can blend all those colors into soups, juices, and smoothies. BUT many of us just don’t have time to make our own, right? That’s why today, I have a way you can sneak a certain, powerful color into your […]

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Welcome to the Food Swap Project! Let’s Talk Tortilla Chips.

Welcome to Food Swap Friday! I’ll be showing you how to swap out your favorite, not so good for you foods, for better, healthier alternatives that your whole family will love. Whether you’re an “anything goes” type of eater, or you have one or more food allergies/sensitivities, or you’re totally into a grain free, Paleo-like lifestyle, […]

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