Are You Ready to Treat your Self to Health?

You’ve heard the health wake up call, and are ready to take action. Congratulations! You’ve just completed the first, and most important step, in discovering your path back to better health and overall wellness.

There’s one little problem, though. There’s so much conflicting information out there, that you have no idea where to start. Or worse, you’ve tried just about everything to get your health back on track, but you haven’t seen much improvement.

Know that you’re not alone. Many people are struggling, just as you are. Your personal journey is not easy, and it’s not meant to be. No transformation ever is. Trying to navigate your path back to wellness is like trying to find a treasure, when you have no map!

In movies and books, treasure boxes are usually filled with sparkling jewels. In real life, we may wear fancy watches, necklaces, and earrings, but do any of these things really matter, when we are struggling with our health? If you can make your health sparkle, then that’s the only real treasure you’ll ever need, right?

The problem is, how do you feel that glow that comes from within, when you feel so lost? How do you get that spark? You do the only thing you can do: you enjoy the journey, without worrying so much about the destination. After all, if you get there too fast, you’ll miss important clues along the way. It’s only when you connect the dots that you’ll find hidden treasures along the way.

As a Certified Health Coach, I’m here to tell you that the treasures are all around you! The thing is, to see them, you first have to believe in them. Believe in your Self. If there is single key that unlocks a box of true health, then it comes from a place deep inside of you.

Enjoy the process. Treat your Self to health, by upgrading your food and lifestyle choices, one step at a time. Pull in more of all the things that nourish you, and push away more of those that drain you. When you change your world, you also change the world in the process!

Sounds simple, right? Well, here’s the thing. Your life is busy and complicated. Most of us do not have the luxury of giving our health the time and attention it deserves. So, small steps can seem overwhelming.

That’s where a health coach comes in, to support and encourage you along your path to better health and overall wellness. It takes time to reverse old, self-sabotaging habits to create all new, life-changing ones!  There’s a big payoff, though. It’s the small, consistent improvements that can make the biggest difference in how we feel on a daily basis, and over our lifetimes.

Making healthy, informed choices is not as difficult as you may think, at least not when you have support and encouragement from a health coach who cares. By empowering you to listen to the subtle messages your body is sending, and to pay more attention to your own needs, you can gradually work your way toward a healthier, happier, less stressful, and more productive lifestyle.

Are you ready to treat your Self to health? At home. At work. At school. And wherever you may go?

Imagine if you could:

  • Detoxify your body, by reducing/eliminating processed foods, chemicals, pesticides, common food allergens, and stress.
  • Cut through conflicting health and nutrition information, and tap into the food and lifestyle choices that are uniquely suited to your specific needs and situation.
  • Bring your body back into balance naturally, with the goal of minimizing any reliance upon prescription medication.
  • Nourish your way toward more positive emotions, behavior, concentration, communication, and leadership.
  • Use simple ingredients, recipes, and cooking techniques to prepare delicious food, quickly and easily, even if you are avoiding certain food allergens, or are on a restricted diet.
  • Shift your entire relationship with food, and learn to use it as a key ingredient in your family’s recipe for better health and wellness.

Are you ready to explore how gradual changes in food and lifestyle can lead to a treasure of health? Schedule a health coaching consultation here.

As a CPA who holds a Master of Arts in Childhood Education, as well as board certification in health coaching,  Dawn empowers people to reverse old, self-sabotaging habits, in order to create all new, life-changing ones.  From picky eating toddlers to corporate employers and employees, to retired grandparents, Dawn’s unique background enables her to become quite an asset to any home, work, or school family.

How can Dawn’s diverse life and work experience can be of benefit to YOU? Read more about her here.

Are you looking to bring a program into your business or school? Find out more about my  Transformed by Food at Work programs here, or  Transformed by Food at School programs here.

Have a happy, healthy day!