Ready to Create Wealth through Health?

Your body is your personal health “piggy bank.”  Are you storing up healthy food and lifestyle choices? You can never be too young or old to start doing so!

More Nutrients + More Nourishment + Fewer Toxins = Your Healthy Lifestyle

Junk bonds. Junk food. Over the years, I’ve learned that they are one and the same. Why do so many of us work so hard, and make wise investments, while playing poker with the greatest wealth of all? Our health.

Some of us are so busy that we feel overwhelmed. We take care of everyone but ourselves; and when we don’t feel our best, we look for all kinds of shortcuts and quick fixes. What we fail to realize is that years of unhealthy choices and toxic buildup cannot be reversed with a one-size-fits-all approach or a short term “cleanse.” Just stop and think about it for a moment: if we continue to put poker chips in our piggy bank, can we reasonably expect them to turn into golden coins overnight?

It takes time to reverse old, self-sabotaging habits to create all new, life-changing ones!  There’s a big payoff, though. It’s the small, consistent improvements that can make the biggest difference in how we feel on a daily basis, and over our lifetimes. Very often, the simplest changes can lead to the biggest results!

Why work so hard at accumulating wealth, if you’re not also making daily deposits into your piggy bank of health? It’s a habit that people can start at any age.

Making healthy, informed choices is not as difficult as you may think, at least not when you have support and encouragement from a health coach who cares. By empowering you to listen to the subtle messages your body is sending, and to pay more attention to your own needs, you can gradually work your way toward a healthier, happier, less stressful, and more productive lifestyle.

At home. At work. At school. And wherever you may go.

Imagine if you could:

  • Detoxify your body, by reducing/eliminating processed foods, chemicals, pesticides, common food allergens, and stress.
  • Cut through conflicting health and nutrition information, and tap into the food and lifestyle choices that are uniquely suited to your specific needs and situation.
  • Bring your body back into balance naturally, with the goal of minimizing any reliance upon prescription medication.
  • Nourish your way toward more positive emotions, behavior, concentration, communication, and leadership.
  • Use simple ingredients, recipes, and cooking techniques to prepare delicious food, quickly and easily, even if you are avoiding certain food allergens, or are on a restricted diet.
  • Shift your entire relationship with food, and learn to use it as a key ingredient in your family’s recipe for better health and wellness.

Are you ready to explore how gradual changes in food and lifestyle can lead to the greatest wealth of all? Schedule a health coaching consultation here.

As a CPA who holds a Master of Arts in Childhood Education, as well as board certification in health coaching,  Dawn empowers people to reverse old, self-sabotaging habits, in order to create all new, life-changing ones.  From picky eating toddlers to corporate employers and employees, to retired grandparents, Dawn’s unique background enables her to become quite an asset to any home, work, or school family.

How can Dawn’s diverse life and work experience can be of benefit to YOU? Read more about her here.

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Have a happy, healthy day!